Customer Testimonials

Riva is trusted by over 1,500 customers globally – including 50 Fortune 500 companies, 15 of the world’s largest banks, numerous Global 1000 companies, and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. Below are just a few of our valued customers. Contact us for additional customer references.
“Another example of the high quality support we’re accustomed to from you guys. The ability to have someone knowledgeable on a call, with endless patience is often a stark contrast to other support teams. It’s a pleasure working with you.”
Jason R., Schroders
“I love Riva!!! It is the missing link between Salesforce and my Mac that I so desperately needed!”
David B., Mortgage Loan Officer
“We use Riva to sync 1,100 Microsoft Dynamics CRM users and log over 10,000 CRM updates daily. There were a number of limitations with the standard Outlook integration that caused us to search for an alternative. We needed a solution that would sync directly to Exchange and save us from having to install and manage Outlook plugins on users’ desktops. We also needed a server-side sync solution that would support our combination of Outlook 2010, Outlook 2011 for Mac, and 2,400 iPad and iPhone devices.”
Susan M., CRM Program Manager
“Riva was relatively easy to setup. The pre-sales support folks at Riva are great to work with. Riva’s enterprise pricing structure worked well for our business. And Riva solved a business need our field has long been asking for – Exchange/Outlook integration that doesn’t require any user intervention for over 2,000 Salesforce users.”
Kyle I., Program Manager
“Since deploying Riva, our team’s Salesforce activities have increased by 65%. It is now easier for sales reps to login through Good Technology to access their Salesforce data. Riva syncs address book and calendar data automatically. We have reduced data silos. Managers like being able to see what their staff are working on from Salesforce.

Riva is the ultimate integration solution for Salesforce – a smart, customizable, server-side connector to integrate Salesforce and Exchange. Had it not been for Riva, our Salesforce project would not have gotten off the ground because users would have needed to manually enter data in two or more applications.

Based on the success we’ve had with Salesforce and Riva with our national sales team, we are now looking at the possibilities of rolling this out for our client relations team to be able to manage their support cases. I highly recommend Riva.”

Dan L., IT Analyst and Salesforce Administrator
“Riva delivers the best way to sync Salesforce directly to Microsoft Exchange. Outlook doesn’t need to be running for synchronization to occur. This means that managers can schedule a field sales rep in for appointments in Salesforce, and the appointment will automatically appear in the field sales rep’s smartphone calendar. This allows field staff to be more flexible and connected to what is going on minute to minute. The Riva team is knowledgeable and friendly. They’ll do whatever you need to achieve your company’s goals.”
David R., ICT Systems Development Manager
“We originally became interested in Riva, for syncing SugarCRM to our Exchange system, after discovering it in Google. Riva was subsequently recommended to us by our CRM consultant as the best SugarCRM sync solution on the market. Our experience using Riva for our 160 employees has been very good. And, when we’ve required support, Riva’s support engineers have been very responsive.”
Andy B., Head of IT
“We use Exchange, Macs, and iPhones. Riva works flawlessly and ensures that all contacts in Outlook/Exchange and Salesforce remain synchronized. Changing a contact in either system updates the other system within a few minutes. It’s incredibly helpful in the field as you can enter contacts on your phone (or even use Bump), import vCards, or just use the familiar Outlook interface and there’s nothing left to do. It’s been done and is all in Salesforce or vice versa. Also, having worked with (and fixed disasters from) sync programs dating back to ACT!, I can honestly say this is the most solid implementation for contact synchronization I have ever seen. Someone spent a lot of time thinking the logic though and it really shows. It’s nice, solid work.”
Alexis K., Operations Manager
“Riva has really helped optimize our sales operations. Our sales executives can now work much more efficiently while travelling abroad. Riva has relieved stress by ensuring that their CRM calendar is kept in sync with their Outlook and iPad and iPhone calendar applications.”
John W., Managing Director
“What impressed us most about Riva was its flexibility. It immediately satisfied our server-side sync requirement for Exchange. This allowed us not to have to install or manage Outlook plug-ins on our partners’, analysts’ and investment team’s desktops, laptops or mobile devices. Equally important, however, we were able to decide which CRM objects we wanted to sync, enable one-way synchronization of contacts, and allow partners and analysts to choose which contacts they wished to sync to Outlook and their BlackBerry and iPhone devices.”
Chris P., Director, Information Technology
“We have been very pleased with the collaboration during the creation of the prototypes and roll-out version. Although the project was fully deployed remotely, Riva CRM Integration’s reaction times under the management of Richard Mao have been extremely responsive and the solution-oriented cooperation has been very professional. We have been successful in implementing important key features within a pretty short time frame.”
Mike F., Senior Business Consultant
“We needed a CRM integration solution that would allow our 400 Salesforce users to add a contact or appointment once – in either Salesforce, Outlook or their iPad or BlackBerry device – and transparently sync this information to all systems. Riva is an ideal solution for our needs. Because it syncs Salesforce to our Exchange server, we no longer need to install software plug-ins on each user’s desktop, laptop and mobile device. The Riva team has been very supportive during our testing and roll-out, and we’ve quickly been able to resolve any issues that we’ve come across. I would recommend Riva to other Salesforce customers who need to support multiple Exchange mail clients and mobile devices and need to go beyond Salesforce for Outlook.”
Nick A., Infrastructure Systems Specialist
“So far, we have not experienced any technical issues in rolling out Riva. And we are very pleased with the positive feedback from our SugarCRM users.”
Matthias B., CRM Specialist
“Riva has been a great success at our university. Riva’s professional services team customized the product to meet our needs. Now, every single advisor in our university, across all our colleges, uses Riva to sync their Salesforce and Exchange calendars. They love it!”
Vanessa W., Customer Relationship Management Lead
“Riva satisfied two very important requirements for us. Riva delivers transparent Salesforce integration for our email system. And Riva is easy to manage and troubleshoot, which means that our limited IT staff doesn’t need to spend time babysitting it. That was important to us.

Our salespeople can now access their Salesforce customer and calendar information on their BlackBerry, in their preferred email client, or from their desktop. And we didn’t need to install any Salesforce plug-ins on any of these devices.

We recently conducted a survey among our sales staff regarding Riva. The responses were very positive. Riva has become a vital component of our sales cycle.”

Kate W., Manager of Network Services
“There is no comparison between Riva and the Outlook plug-in provided by Salesforce. Riva delivers seamless, server-side integration that fits our sales processes, leverages our messaging expertise, and allows sales staff to work efficiently and access CRM data when and where they need it.”
Travis D., Lead Implementation Manager
“We installed Salesforce a couple of weeks ago without realizing it did not integrate well with our Macs. After numerous phone calls with Salesforce, we were told to try Riva. Riva’s representative walked me through the entire installation process and it works flawlessly. I am a real fan of Riva.”
Marc B.
“Despite being a small business we work with many big names (e.g., Cisco/VMware/BT/Verizon Business). So calendaring needs to work, actions we committed to need to be executed on time, etc. To achieve this we have invested in and Office 365. Without an integration between the two applications we had to spend time re-keying in data, the accuracy of our contact data could not be guaranteed and we did not use SFDC as much as we should. Plug-ins proved not to work and we needed a better solution. The time lost managing the plug-in issues is much more than the cost of paying for the right SFDC package and Riva subscription.

In addition there has been a significant growth in the number of Macs, iPads, iPhones and Android devices used by our staff. Our most used OS is Mac OS X and then Windows. Riva gives us a solution that is Mac and Windows agnostic. It removes the need to re-key data and it has enabled us to manage customer interactions more efficiently.

I cannot recommend a better solution for ensuring that customer-facing staff gain a non-intrusive way to make the most out of their CRM system.”

Robert B.
“I reviewed several competitors in this space prior to speaking with a service representative for Riva. Access to customer and technical support is incredible…even on weekends and holidays. They really go out of their way to SERVICE their product (not just sell it). Riva works precisely how I would hope. Highly recommended.”
Michael K.
“We deployed Riva four months ago and have nothing but good things to say. The support staff has been extremely helpful in customizing Riva and helping with any issues. We researched several other products to sync Salesforce to Outlook and I’m glad we went with Riva. The setup is very easy and the application requirements are minimal. We are running it on a VM. Go Riva!”
Faraz A., Systems Engineer
“We implemented a complicated cloud-based Salesforce to Exchange to QuickBooks implementation where everything was cloud-based and nothing was local, but on data centers. After about a week of using Riva we noticed our contacts were being duplicated. At first, we thought this was a Riva issue. The Riva team worked tirelessly to help us isolate the issue and stood behind their product. We later realized that the issue was not related to Riva. Instead it was a compatibility issue between iOS and Microsoft’s “Cloud Exchange.” Apple pointed to Microsoft and Microsoft said it was an Apple issue… We fixed it by moving to a slightly differently platform. Regardless, Riva’s team went above and beyond in standing by their product to ensure that it was functioning properly. It works as advertised and we couldn’t be happier.”
David A.
“I have been using Riva to sync Salesforce to Outlook/Exchange for quite a while now and I have to say it is really useful. When I’m out and about, I get new calendar entries on my phone without having to do anything. Great for keeping up to date while on the go.”
Kevin L.
“Riva completes Salesforce! No matter what device you use, Riva syncs data to it in close to real time (5 min). I tried VCS Smart Email which Salesforce recommended and it was ok, but it did not sync with my Exchange server. Riva is great! The support is absolutely spot on and quick to respond. I do not have to get my reps to learn new habits. I am new to this product but I can tell this is the answer. Thanks Riva!”
Mark P., President
“Our mid-market ERP customers wanted a fully integrated solution that would give them immediate visibility of critical CRM information – such as sales analysis modules, accounting and inventory data – right at their fingertips. In the past, they could only access this data via enterprise systems. With Riva, they can get CRM data on their email systems and mobile devices, which are extremely critical for high-performance sales teams that want to improve productivity and customer service.”
Dan B., Sales Director
“There’s a huge opportunity to help businesses maximise the value of their CRM investment. Salespeople are notorious for not putting information into CRMs. Riva makes it very easy to keep the CRM updated. Riva not only saves our customers a lot of time, but it also provides more accurate sales data for reporting, forecasting, and analysis.”
James B-W., Managing Director
“I’ve been absolutely thrilled with our CRM since we deployed it in 2009. But, one thing that has always frustrated me is the native Outlook integration the CRM vendor provides. The Outlook plug-in is awkward, buggy, and difficult to launch business-wide. The Outlook plug-in is software that needs to be installed on all of our desktops, which runs counter to us having everything else in the “cloud.”

We discovered Riva at a recent trade show and tried it out on a limited basis. It is really quite slick. And the personal support we received from Riva’s CTO, Stéphane, has been excellent – a far cry from the big guys’ call centers overseas.

At the end of our first-year subscription of Riva, a new Outlook integration came out for my CRM. I let Riva lapse in favour of the “free” plug-in. That did NOT go well. It just didn’t work. Even the CRM tech support person couldn’t get it to work on his own machine. I own/run a small business where I AM currently the IT department. I don’t have time to spend troubleshooting.

During the one month I was away, the Riva team had added the one key feature that was on my wish list. Riva is a no-brainer. I renewed my Riva subscription and several Riva folks literally worked overtime to get me back online.

I can’t say enough good things about this product. Riva is VERY, VERY slick. It operates in the background and there is NO learning curve for users. The company clearly has taken the time to be REALLY, REALLY good at one thing: CRM Integration. And it shows.”

Steve G., President
“I can vouch for the Riva solution. I had it done by them directly last December and it was the best investment I ever made. Now I have a PC laptop for sale that has been rendered obsolete by Riva. I was using it to sync Outlook for Sugar using Outlook exchange. Thanks to Riva that is all behind me.”
John R., Owner
“The staff are pleased that Riva Cloud works across their Macs, iPads and iPhones. Very happy.”
Ted H., Head of Technology
“Riva Cloud is an excellent product. It allowed me to manage my Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with data in Outlook and my iPad/iPhone and Mac Mail when on the road. Riva saved me hours of data entry and tracking client emails.”
Paul W., Senior Account Manager
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