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Riva for Developers

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Riva for Developers delivers an integration framework that allows third-party developers to benefit from Riva to synchronize data for their cloud and legacy applications.  Riva for Developer customers can leverage the industry’s leading sync engine to synchronise data from their proprietary systems with CRMs and email systems that Riva supports. Need to integrate your data with other CRM systems or with one of the leading email systems?  Riva for Developers has the answer.  Imagine being able to access your applications’ data directly from Outlook, G Suite, Notes, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and other devices through Riva for Developers.

Always-on, server-side sync for CRM, email, and other systems

Riva for Developers allows partners and customers to leverage our integration framework to connect your application through Riva to create new integration possibilities.

Riva for Developers was used by our developers to create our new Riva for Marketo connector. This connector enables Marketo customers to sync data to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, NetSuite, SugarCRM, and other CRMs – plus all Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, and Notes clients and mobile devices. You can use Riva for Developers to develop a new connector for your cloud application.

Integrating key customer information is one of the biggest barriers to CRM adoption. How do you deliver a unified view of customer data across multiple applications for Windows, Mac, web access, virtual desktop, and mobile users? How do you integrate apps to CRM and email systems quickly and easily without needing to reinvent the wheel and create expensive, long-term support overhead in your organization? This is where Riva for Developers shines.

Riva keeps up with version updates and API changes.  This allows developers to build and deploy once. If you change CRMs or acquire a new business unit that uses a different email platform, no problem. Your connector will still work with all our supported CRMs and email systems.

Building Riva connectors for your existing applications and data sources removes the complexities of the underlying applications and data models by providing a robust standardized development environment. If you use Riva for Developers to build a new connector for your app, your customers can choose Riva or Riva Enterprise for data synchronization.

Riva has 1500+ customers including 15 of the world’s largest financial institutions, 35 Fortune 500 customers, Global 1000 companies and numerous SMBs who benefit from Riva for seamless integration.  Riva for Developers is used by companies to connect their home-grown CRM systems and integrate with email platforms. Wherever your data is, whether it’s in your ERP, proprietary database or other Line-of-Business systems, Sharepoint, Domino or others, Riva for Developers has the answer to meet your needs.

Contact us to discuss your CRM and email integration requirements.

What Riva syncs between CRM and email systems

Riva syncs CRM contacts, leads, person accounts, calendar events, tasks, opportunities, cases, and contracts. Plus, Riva delivers advanced integration and interoperability features to drive CRM adoption and increase sales.

Riva delivers advanced email integration features, email-to-opportunity and email-to-case conversion, support for custom fields and custom objects, and the ability to auto-create contacts in the TO: and CC: fields of emails that aren’t already listed in CRM. Riva also provides advanced integration and filtering rules for email attachments.

You can use Riva for Developers to sync any of these objects and custom fields to your application.

Sync CRM data to Exchange, Office 365, and HCL Notes

Supported Systems

CRM systems

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SAP Sales Cloud (C/4HANA)
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Oracle CRM On Demand
  • NetSuite
  • Sugar

Email systems

  • Office 365
  • Exchange
  • Exchange Online
  • Hosted Exchange
  • HCL Notes and Domino

Email clients

  • Outlook (all versions)
  • Outlook Web App
  • Outlook for Mac
  • Apple Mail
  • Outlook on Citrix
  • Outlook on Terminal Server
  • HCL Notes
  • HCL iNotes
  • And others…

Mobile devices

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Microsoft Surface
  • And others…
Contact us to discuss your CRM and email integration requirements.
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