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Riva is the leading platform for CRM and email integration. Our solutions help companies improve CRM adoption and user satisfaction, drive sales productivity, and bridge integration gaps between CRM, Line-of-Business, collaboration systems, and much more.

We strongly believe in partnerships. We strive to develop the most reliable, scalable, flexible, and most intuitive technologies, backed by outstanding service and support. Our global ecosystem of partners is able to leverage our platform to provide significant business value to their customers.

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Riva partnership programs


Open Referral Program – If you recommend technology solutions to customers who use CRM and collaboration platforms, but prefer to have the manufacturer of the technology do all the heavy lifting of helping your clients evaluate, buy, and deploy, this program is for you.

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Authorized Reseller Program – If you recommend and resell technologies and prefer to act as the single source for your customer’s evaluation and procurement of solutions, this program is for you.

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Open Developer Program – Do you develop commercial or custom integrations for your customers? This program is designed to give you the tools and support needed to integrate other systems with the Riva Sync framework.

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