OEM Partner Program

Increase your profitability and speed to market with Riva’s OEM Program

Partnering for success: A 1+1=10 equation

When Riva engages new partners, we are always looking for a 1+1=10 equation — where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We want to work with CRM sellers and consultants who have firsthand experience dealing with the challenges of “free” Outlook, Gmail, and IBM Notes plugins. The challenges we hear about most frequently include reliability and performance issues, missing features, a lack of flexibility, and costly IT management issues (e.g., duplicate contacts, poor hybrid system support, calendars not syncing properly, time wasted installing and configuring plugins, and others).

Riva solves these business challenges. This is why over 150,000+ CRM users — from the world’s largest banks and insurance companies, Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies, and hundreds of fast-growth SMBs — trust Riva to deliver CRM data integration, automation, and relationship intelligence. Riva solves complex CRM data automation challenges, drives sales productivity, and increases CRM user adoption and satisfaction. These are just a few of the value-adds that Riva delivers for our shared customers.

Riva’s OEM Program Options


Enable Riva products to work with your solutions. Let our mutual reseller channels leverage our joint solutions and sell them to customers.


Bundle Riva products with your CRM or vertical application to bring additional functionality and value. Get to market faster.


Embed Riva in your solution and take advantage of industry-leading CRM/email integration. Increase profitability and client value faster.

Riva’s OEM value to partners

Improve profitability and client value

Speed your time to market and reduce development costs. Riva syncs data between cloud and on-premises solutions and is ideal for hybrid environments.

Accelerate your sales cycle

Deliver Riva as an embedded solution with your cloud or on-premises application under one simplified contract. This accelerates the sales cycle by not having to present multiple contracts to your customers.

Build vs. buy

Benefit from 10+ years of Riva development, product enhancements, and customer feedback. Over 1,000 companies and 150,000 CRM users trust Riva every day to solve complex sync scenarios. Bring your solution to market with Riva faster and at a lower cost.

Single customer interface
for support

As a Riva OEM partner, your team can be responsible for pre-sales and post-sales support. This will improve the buyer’s journey and provide more confidence as you sell a bundled or embedded solution.

Upgrade protection

Get access to the latest Riva updates so that your customers will benefit from Riva’s security, scalability, and extensive integration and customer intelligence features.

Solutions tailored for your needs

One of Riva’s biggest strengths as an integration platform is that its architecture is flexible. You’ll find the same thing with the OEM partnership that we can tailor to best suit your needs.

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