Riva News: November 2017

Riva News November 2017

Artificial Intelligence in the Age of the Customer

One of the keys to a successful business hinges on the ability to cultivate and develop relationships with prospective and existing clients. There is a lot of talk about how we, as a society, are now in the “Age of the Customer”, but what does that really mean?

Today, customers truly have more access and availability than ever before to learn, evaluate, and understand the products and services they are interested in. They are able to make judgements before they ever interact with someone from a sales team. One way we can bring balance back is to leverage Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Why CRMs can’t do it all

Most businesses implement CRM with the goal of having one “view of the truth” of their customer relationships. There are two primary reasons why this strategy does not always yield the desired results. First, CRM is usually missing the details about the relationship that are found in email, calendar items etc. That is a topic for another blog. Second, while there are great reporting tools to analyze quantitative data like “days to close” and “average selling price”, tools to understand qualitative data like sentiment are just coming to market.

This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in. AI technology will allow businesses to understand the sentiment of their customers towards their products and services and the sentiment of its own employees in relation to their customers. AI could very well be the counterbalance that helps companies understand their customers better than the competition, thereby providing a competitive advantage by arming employees with the most recent and relevant insights on that customer.

According to Destination CRM, CRM vendors are betting that with AI, businesses will be able to deliver more predictive and personalized customer experiences across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more. This is not happening ten years down the road, it is happening right now, adding value by paving the way for a faster means of generating opportunities and increasing revenue.

“AI has the potential to have a huge bearing on everything we are doing around technology and frankly, our lives,” noted Ken Lorenz, Riva Director of Sales and Alliances for the Americas.

A big part of the benefit of AI is that it is able to learn to comprehend and understand, which in turn makes it easier for people, especially sales representatives, to interact with customers in a way that is in alignment.

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CRM data automation and Customer Intelligence: The cherry on top

Think of an ice cream sundae. Your CRM is like the ice cream. It’s the base of any good sundae. The foundation on which an epic dessert is made.

The true value of CRM and other siloed systems is realized when companies learn to harness the power of their customer insights by extracting that data back out in a way that is automated, relevant, and actionable. Reliable CRM data automation and Customer Intelligence is the key. It’s the cherry on top of your sundae.

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New releases of Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise are now available!

Check out highlights of the latest updates designed to help you get the most out of your CRM and email systems. And, get a sneak peek of what’s coming in Riva Insight.

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Riva Admins: Setting up Riva Cloud is now even easier!

Whether you are just getting started with Riva Cloud for the first time or looking at implementing an additional Riva Cloud subscription, you’ll be excited to learn about some of the recent Riva Admin workflow improvements.

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secret features of riva

Secret Riva features that will unleash the power of your CRM – Part two

Riva’s advanced synchronization features can unlock the valuable customer data trapped in your CRM and empower the employees that use it.

Imagine compiling accurate data in your CRM and having invaluable customer intelligence pouring out. With Riva, the customizable configuration possibilities are limitless, allowing you to get the full ROI from your CRM.

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migrate exchange to office 365

Are you planning to migrate your Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Office 365?

More and more Riva customers are making the switch from Exchange to Office 365. If you are planning a migration, we want to encourage Riva Administrators to contact the Riva Success Team during the planning stages so we can help make the process seamless.

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Berenike Kassab

Riva Rock Star: Meet Berenike Kassab, Regional Sales Manager – APAC

Berenike is a world traveling powerhouse with a passion for customer delight! From managing sales in our APAC region to creating customer success stories, to teaching her kids Acroyoga on the beach – Berenike’s incredible talents and love for customers make her a real asset to the Riva APAC team.

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Planning to attend any of the following CRM or industry events? If so, we invite you to visit the Riva booth to say hello and to learn more about Riva Cloud, Riva On-Premise, Riva Insight, Riva for Marketo, and Riva for Developers.

CRM Saturday Milan Milan, Italy Nov 25
InsurTechs (German event) Vienna, Austria Nov 27-29
Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt, Germany Nov 28-29
ITA 2017 Fall Collaborative Salt Lake City, USA Dec 3-5
Salesforce World Tour NYC New York, USA Dec 14

* Attendee only. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

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