Riva News: June 2017

Secret Riva features that will unleash the power of your CRM

If you are a Riva customer, someone on your team – likely your CRM or System Administrator – knows first-hand that Riva delivers the most reliable and flexible integration available for CRM and email systems. It may surprise you to learn that the majority of people who use Riva every day have probably never heard of Riva. All they know is that their calendars, contacts, opportunities, emails and more are being automatically synchronized between their CRM and email accounts – providing them with rich customer insights, CRM value, contact and account relevance, and saving valuable time – because it “just works”.

You see, Riva works seamlessly in the background, invisible to users. Because of this, two of our best-kept secrets may just be that:

  1. Riva works behind the scenes to provide the seamless CRM sync users rely on every day.
  2. The power and simplicity of Riva helps users and companies unleash the full potential of their people, CRM, and email investments.

Riva goes far beyond the basics of CRM and email synchronization – even being able to deliver context-aware, actionable customer insights including sentiment analysis and AI-based analytics – right to your team’s fingertips and without ever having to leave their email client.

The secret is out! Join this tell-all article as we will delve into some of Riva’s advanced features and how they are benefitting Riva customers every day.

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Archiving Emails

The infinite possibilities of email archiving with Riva

Are you archiving e-mails in your CRM system? Simply archiving all e-mail conversations creates a lot of unnecessary data. Learn how Riva empowers you with infinite possibilities on what and how to archive to your CRM system or external archiving solution.

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Leadership corner: Creating a winning path to success

How do you lead a team to success? Learn some of the simple day-to-day strategies Victoria George, Riva Director of Customer Success, uses to create a winning team and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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Less hassle, more time: Jetpets enjoys Riva’s reliable email and calendar integration

Jetpets needed a solution that would function transparently in the background and relieve staff of extra work. “We want our staff to use a sync solution without realizing they are using it”, said Scott Williams, National Sales & Marketing Manager at Jetpets. For this, “it is perfect”. Read how Riva has enabled Jetpets’ sales teams work smarter – not harder.

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Riva Cloud has a new look!

The Riva Cloud home page has been updated to provide more guided information for new clients and admins. Be sure to bookmark the new login page. And, be sure to check out the latest Riva Cloud Release (version 2017.3). In addition to the new home page, this version includes increased security, improved Delete Safety, increased user limit during the initial subscription purchase process, a fix for the Error Email Notification field, and more. Read the latest release notes.

Love the new look? Loathe it? Either way, we’d love to hear what you think!

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Jameson Van Dijk

Riva Rock Star:  Meet Jameson Van Dijk, Director of Operations and Finance

When a company must strike a balance between growth and employee stability, they must hire the right person to make this balance a reality. For Riva, that person is Jameson Van Dijk. Jameson’s title is Director of Operations and Finance, but he is so much more than that! And so, he is this month’s Rock Star.

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Planning to attend any of the following CRM or industry events? If so, we invite you to visit the Riva booth to say hello and to learn more about Riva Cloud, Riva On-Premise, Riva Insight, Riva for Marketo, and Riva for Developers.

Microsoft Inspire* Washington, D.C., USA Jul 9-13
Riva Partner Webinar Webinar Jul 20
MWLUG 2017 Washington, D.C., USA Aug 8-10
Canadian Business Excellence Awards Luncheon Toronto, Canada Sep 21
ICON UK 2017* London, UK Sep 15-16
SugarCon 2017 San Francisco, USA Sep 25-28
Microsoft Ignite 2017 Orlando, USA Sep 25-29

* Attendee only. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

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OpenSymbol’s Customer Journey
Vicenza, Italy
Jun 13, 2017

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Salesforce World Tour
Boston, USA
May 31, 2017

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CeBIT Australia
Sydney, AUS
May 23-25, 2017

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Salesforce World Tour
London, England
Mar 18, 2017

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