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Pictured left to right: Aldo Zanoni (CEO, Riva CRM Integration), Francie Tanner (Director of Americas, Pandagenda), Dawn Radecki (Director of Partner Success, TrustSphere), Brian LeBahn (SVP and GM of Americas, TrustSphere), Stéphane Zanoni (CTO, Riva CRM Integration)

The power of partnerships: How Riva customers benefit

Aristotle wrote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” And we couldn’t agree more! By working and collaborating with partners, Riva provides much better value to our clients than if we tried to do everything ourselves.

Great customer experiences are great for business. When your customers are pleased with your services, the likelihood is much higher they will continue to be a customer and will be interested in buying more of your products and services. And if customers are delighted, they will become brand advocates and share their delight with others (the best kind of advertising there is!) Riva’s goal is to help you unlock the value of your CRM by creating delighted customers. What’s the best way to do that? Make sure that your CRM data is available to help improve customers’ experience with your company by creating great interactions.

According to Forrester Research, 73% of company leaders see customer experience improvement as the priority on the path to revenue growth. In 2015, a Forrester survey on the biggest challenges customers face with CRM adoption and satisfaction showed that issues with data and customer insight rose to the top of the list. 47% said creating a single view of the customer was their biggest challenge. 41% identified making customer insights readily available to drive decision-making and 35% found the lack of data quality were significant challenges. So how does Riva help overcome these challenges?

Powerful partnerships = More powerful solutions

At Riva, we have found that the best way to solve certain challenges is by using a collaborative approach. Bringing additional value to our customers is a big focus at Riva. That’s why we rely on the power of partnerships. Partnering helps us help our customers take their CRM implementation to the next level. The best partnerships are created between companies when they leverage their combined strengths and shared values. That is why Riva recently partnered with two industry leaders, InsideView and TrustSphere – to extend the value of our platforms and solutions.

Relationship and CRM data relevancy = Improved user satisfaction

As Riva customers know and appreciate, Riva is the industry leader in CRM and email integration. TrustSphere is the industry leader in email and CRM relationship analytics. TrustSphere provides two applications, TrustView and LinksWithin, that display email and CRM relationship analytics in a browser. TrustSphere provides visibility to customer relationships that can be leveraged across all business functions. Separately, Riva and TrustSphere are powerful solutions. Together, they deliver a “more than the individual parts” solution! Riva Insight has partnered with TrustSphere to integrate TrustView and LinksWithin directly into the Riva Insight panel. Together, our customers benefit from the best 360° CRM integration and relationship analytics – at the same time!

To highlight the value of this new relationship, Forrester Research, TrustSphere, and Riva presented a webinar on how to unlock the real value of your CRM investment. This recorded webinar is now available. Register on our web site to view Kate Leggett (VP and Principal Analyst – Forrester Research), Dawn Radecki (Director, Routes to Market – TrustSphere), and Aldo Zanoni (CEO – Riva CRM Integration). We invite you to listen in on the interesting insights Kate shares regarding this timely topic and how the powerful partnership between TrustSphere and Riva is helping companies overcome the CRM objections being heard by teams across departments and industries. Learn about Forrester’s research into the challenges that cause customers to think that CRM is simply too complex and CRM does not provide the insights needed to create customer delight. Learn now Riva and TrustSphere help overcome those challenges.

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Riva + InsideView Market Intelligence = Improved customer delight

Automating contact and account creation, and improving CRM relevancy and data quality were objectives many of our customers asked us to help them achieve. And, those are just a few of the reasons Riva partnered with InsideView. InsideView is setting a new industry standard with its market intelligence platform. Our recent partnership with InsideView allows Riva Insight customers to benefit from the industry-leading market intelligence and data quality platform. Riva Insight customers receive InsideView marketing intelligence and data cleansing directly in their email client – at no additional charge! Let me repeat that, InsideView is included free-of-charge for Riva Insight customers. Click the InsideView button on a contact or account in the Riva Insight panel and instantly retrieve InsideView information related to the company and contact data – in real time. The next release of Riva Insight with InsideView will allow you to create new contacts and accounts in CRM based on the information from InsideView. Next of our list of features is the ability to refresh existing CRM contact and account information directly from Riva Insight.

InsideView recently hosted a fireside chat featuring Riva and QuotaFactory. The focus of the session was to understand how companies like Riva understand Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how customer needs are motivating companies to build innovative applications, create great value and drive customer delight.

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Our partner collaborations don’t end there! Be sure to check out our upcoming partner events including the InsideView Drive Tour in Chicago, Boston, and New York, and the Heart of Business Tour 2016 taking place in cities throughout the U.S.

How are you collaborating to add value to your customers?



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Customer Success

Customer spotlight: Riva delivers seamless calendar management between Salesforce and Exchange in the health care sector

One of our customers is an international company from the health care sector with over 7,000 employees in offices and plants around the world. They needed to migrate their CRM – a system setup with GroupWise – to Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange 2007. A requirement high on their list was the ability to synchronize calendars and contacts between their CRM system and e-mail clients. In the end, their decision to purchase Riva for the synchronization was based on time savings, reducing phone calls, and improving coordination between staff located in disparate locations.

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Riva Rock Star

The Riva team continues to grow to satisfy our customers’ needs! We work with 1,500+ customers globally, including 35 Fortune 500 companies, 15 of the world’s largest banks, and numerous Global 1000 companies and SMBs.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our team a little better. Last month, you got to meet Wolfgang Berger, Business Development Manager, EMEA. This month’s Rock Star is Henrik Almström.


Riva Rock Star: Henrik Almström, Regional Sales Manager, Northeast U.S. and Canada

Born and raised in Sweden, I became heavily invested in sports at a young age. The game of tennis provided me with the opportunity to play and compete internationally, which ultimately had a huge impact in my interest to travel and get involved in the transforming global economy. As a business professional, I am in my element when I get to make a difference in helping people be successful and finding solutions to their problems. That is exactly what I get to do at Riva!

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Interested in joining our team? View our career opportunities »



Upcoming events

Planning to attend any of the following events? If so, we invite you to visit the Riva booth to say hello and to see a demo of our latest products. We also invite you to check out our Riva demo videos on YouTube and our CRM Events Calendar on our website.

Salesforce Stockholm Essentials Stockholm April 26
CeBIT Australia* Sydney May 2-4
Marketo Summit 2016* Las Vegas May 9-12
Salesforce World Tour: London London May 19
CRM Evolution 2016 Washington DC May 23-25
Heart of Business Tour: Chicago Chicago May 25
InsideView Drive Tour: Chicago Chicago, USA June 2

* Note: We will be an attendee only at shows marked with an asterisk.

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Eindhoven, Germany
Mar 23-24, 2016
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Salesforce World Tour: CeBIT Hannover
Hannover, Germany
Mar 14-18, 2016
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Community Involvement
Santa Cruz, CA
Feb 7, 2016
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