Riva News: October 2015

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Hello, Gmail!  Riva now syncs CRMs directly to G Suite and Gmail

Riva now delivers direct, server-side integration between the world’s leading CRM systems and G Suite and Gmail! Seamlessly sync CRM contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom objects, and more! With Riva, there are no Chrome plug-ins to install or manage. You can sync CRM data to all Gmail email clients – Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Outlook 2016 for Windows and Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and others…

Since 2008, Riva has delivered the leading integration platform for CRM and email systems. We have developed connectors for a dozen of the world’s best CRM systems – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C), SugarCRM, NetSuite, and others – and we’re absolutely thrilled to add integration support for G Suite and Gmail.

So, why Riva? Aren’t there already Chrome plug-ins for these CRM systems?

Yes, absolutely! But do you really want to have to install and manage a Chrome plug-in on all of your users’ desktops and laptops? What about mobile access to CRM data? Riva is not a Chrome plug-in. Riva syncs CRM data directly to G Suite and Gmail without the need to install any browser plug-ins. That means you’re not restricted to Chrome; you can access your CRM data from all G Suite and Gmail email clients and web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Outlook 2016 for Windows and Mac (and older Outlook clients), plus all of your favorite mobile devices.

Riva customers benefit from reliable integration and unprecedented flexibility. Riva syncs more CRM data and provides more control over how this data gets synced. For example, Riva can filter contacts based on team membership, contact ownership or security permissions in CRM, and region. Riva has fantastic calendar integration. Sync appointments, meetings with multiple invitees, private events, full-day and multi-day events. Automatically sync CRM calendar events to your Google Calendar on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Email logging has never been easier! Riva can log emails to CRM automatically or manually. Riva can log emails against CRM contacts and accounts – and against CRM opportunities, cases, and custom objects.

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Feature Articles

CRM integration trends in 2016

For many of us, October marks the beginning of a new fiscal year. Here are some of the CRM integration trends we see emerging for the upcoming year.  More »

The evolution of the Riva Success Team

Follow the evolution of our Riva Success Team as we strive to provide better support and incredible customer experiences for our 1,500+ customers globally.  More »

Why sync CRM and email systems?

Some analysts estimate CRM adoption only reaches 50% after Year 1. What impact does reliable CRM and email integration have on user adoption and satisfaction?  More »

InsideView data in Outlook?

Our Riva Insight side panel for Outlook and IBM Notes provides quick access to account and contact information in CRM, in public data sources (Wikipedia, Google News, Google Maps, Google Weather…), and InsideView. See just how cool it is to access InsideView market intelligence without having to leave your inbox!
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Riva now synchronizes Salesforce Encrypted Fields

Considering a move to Salesforce field-level encrypt? Riva now fully support Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL). This newer query syntax allows Riva to synchronize Salesforce instances that use the new Salesforce field-level encryption. For instance, if your company is storing client email addresses and names in encrypted fields, Riva can fully support that encryption allowing access and sync support for those encrypted fields.  Contact Us »

Sync CRM custom objects and fields

Did you know the same reliable sync options that are available for standard objects like calendars, tasks, opportunities, and cases is also available for custom objects? That’s right, Riva seamlessly syncs custom CRM data and customers can benefit from our SmartConvert, AssignTo, and ConnectBar features. Includes full support for custom calendar objects used by Silverline CalendarAnything and CloudTheory FundEngine.
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Highlights from Dreamforce 2015


Once again, salesforce.com delivered an over-the-top, magical, and inspiring Dreamforce this year! From unforgettable keynotes with Marc Benioff and industry leaders to a cameo performance from Stevie Wonder, Lightning Man (aka salesforce.com co-founder, Parker Harris), and mind-blowing music festival featuring The Foo Fighters, The Killers, and Gary Clark Jr., Dreamforce 2015 was a spectacle to enjoy from beginning to end.

View our Dreamforce 2015 photos »


Riva Success

Customer spotlight: Master chocolatier Leonidas

Belgium pralines manufacturer, Leonidas, was looking for a solution to sync Salesforce with IBM Notes Traveler to their sales team’s iPads. Riva’s server-side sync for Salesforce and IBM Notes/Domino caught their attention. Riva now helps Leonidas increase CRM user adoption and satisfaction, speed up sales processes, and deliver better customer experiences.

View our Leonidas Success Story »


Frequently asked questions

How does Riva know which contacts to sync to users’ email clients?

Riva can be configured to sync contacts in many different ways. For example, some companies want to sync contacts based on contact ownership in CRM. Others want to only sync contacts that users can “see” when they log into CRM based on security permissions. We are seeing more companies ask about contact syncing based on team membership. And we’ve created innovative “organic custom filters” that sync contacts based on one or more of the criteria above plus any contacts that have been associated with recent meetings, opportunities, cases whether they are assigned to users in the CRM or not. Customers really appreciate this measure of flexibility.

For more details, visit our Knowledge Base »


Tip of the month

Did you know Riva can sync a CRM to multiple email systems?

Does your company have multiple Exchange servers? Do you have one business unit on Exchange, another on IBM Notes, and yet another considering G Suite and Gmail due to mergers, acquisitions, or different regional policies? Riva supports homogeneous (cloud / cloud) and hybrid (cloud / on-premise) environments and we can configure Riva to sync CRM systems to multiple email systems.

Contact us to discuss your CRM and email integration requirements.



Riva Rock Stars

The Riva team continues to grow to satisfy our customers’ needs. We work with 1,500+ customers globally, including 35+ Fortune 500 companies, 12 of the world’s largest banks, numerous Global 1000 customers, and hundreds of SMBs.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our team a little better! Last month, you got to meet Peter Charnock (General Manager, Asia Pacific) and Simon Paton (Riva Business Development, UK and Ireland). This month’s Rock Stars are Gordon Welling and Tanja Hansen.


Gordon Welling, Tier Two Support Team Lead and Riva Support Analyst

I have been supporting and documenting Riva CRM Integration since it first released. I currently serve as the Tier Two Support Team Lead and Riva Support Analyst here at Riva. I really enjoy providing professional services and training to help our customers deploy and manage Riva On-Premise servers. More »


Tanja Hansen, Customer Care and Business Development, EMEA

The areas of SaaS, Cloud, and CRM integration are very interesting to me. With the constant development of new applications and clients seeking ways to integrate with those applications – there is a lot to be excited about!  More »

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Upcoming events

Are you planning to attend any of the following events? If so, drop by the Riva booth to say hello or to see a demo of our latest products. Look forward to seeing you there! (We also invite you to check out the Riva demo videos we’ve shared on YouTube.)

IBM Leadership Alliance Boston, USA Oct 7-9
Microsoft German Partner Conference Bremen, Germany Oct 13-14
SAP TechED 2015 Las Vegas, USA Oct 19-23
Salesforce World Tour: Sydney Sydney, Australia Oct 22
Salesforce World Tour: Singapore Singapore Nov 3
Heart of Business Tour: NYC New York City, USA Nov 4

Photo gallery




Dreamforce 2015
San Francisco, CA
Sep 15-18, 2015
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Heart of Business Tour
St. Paul, MN
Sep 10, 2015
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Salesforce World Tour
Paris, France
Jun 29, 2015
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Event videos

Dreamforce 2015: Henrik Almström, Riva Rock Star
In this short video, Henrik Almström, Riva Regional Sales Manager Northeastern U.S. and Canada, shares the demand he is seeing from CRM customers daily who are looking for the best way to sync calendars, tasks, and custom objects directly with their email clients.

Join Riva for the Heart of Business Tour
Join Riva and five other leading IBM business partners in a city near you for the Heart of Business Tour (#HeartofBusiness) where you will learn how to innovate and collaborate like never before. Next stop, Boston, MA!
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