Riva News: July-August 2015

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15 advanced Riva integration options you should know about

We’re often asked how we deliver outstanding customer delight and help companies transform their business by customers visiting our booth at trade shows. In addition to our new CRM and email integrations, our team is always collaborating with innovative companies on how to take better advantage of Riva to meet their company goals, delight their customers, and empower their staff. Here’s a new list of the top 15 most requested advanced Riva configurations we collaborate with customers on.

Contact us if you’ve got advanced integrations you’d like to discuss.

  • Custom field mapping
  • Custom contact filters
  • Custom category mapping
  • Object filters
  • Custom is closed
  • Duplicate prevention
  • Token matching
  • Privatization
  • Private notes
  • Attendee management
  • Custom email to…
  • Hyperdescription
  • Custom activity
  • Appointment filters
  • Custom object sync

Select the following Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise link to see the complete list of available advanced synchronization options and descriptions: Riva Cloud / Riva On-Premise.


Feature Articles

Unlocking your CRM potential:
Third-party document storage

When you pride yourself on delighting your customers and providing the best security in the business, choosing third-party vendors who align with those values is vital. Read how one large U.S. mutual life insurance company uses Riva to achieve these lofty goals!
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New Riva CRM integrations:
Support for Gmail and IBM Verse!

We are very excited to share that Riva now integrates a dozen of the world’s best CRMs with G Suite and Gmail, and IBM Verse! Start your free trial today!

View Gmail screenshots »
View IBM Verse screenshots »

Social Relationship Platforms: Integration is key

Social Relationship Platforms are becoming popular with marketers who require integrated platforms instead of isolated tools to track social interactions. But what’s the next step? Where an how will companies benefit from the engagement happening on these social channels?
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Riva Success

Delivering customer delight with 100% customer satisfaction!

Customer satisfaction leads to customer delight. In May, we started sharing our customer satisfaction rating with you. We’re proud to share with you that June was a perfect month with 100% customer satisfaction – 3.3% higher than our industry average and 82.7% better than other Zendesk customers. Thank you for your support! Contact us anytime for assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Riva Cloud mode is right for me?

That’s easy! Check out this KB article to get the details of each mode to help you determine your needs. By default, new Riva cloud trials are set up as company. As long as you contact us and request a change to corporate before creating connections and a sync policy, the change can be quickly implemented at no additional cost. For more answers to frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ pages: Riva Cloud / Riva On-Premise.


Tip of the month

Did you know that password changes can affect your Riva Sync?

A common error that occurs within Riva sync logs is: “Connection to email server failed: Unable to connect to remote email server with given credentials.” Due to this error, Riva is unable to complete the synchronization cycle. To resume the synchronization, modify the connection to reset the password. See the following articles for detailed steps to resume service Riva Cloud / Riva On-Premise. Or, contact us for assistance.



Riva Rockstars

We’ve got a diverse, well-rounded, and interesting staff at Riva! The Riva Rockstars section gives you an opportunity to get to know them up close and personal as we shine the spotlight on two members of our staff each month. This month’s rockstars are John Beauchamp and Jim Dunn. View last month’s employee spotlights here: Victoria George / Mauricio Escobar.


John Beauchamp, Client Engagement Manager

With each customer I get to work with, it is always fascinating to see the new and unexpected ways they envision leveraging the power of Riva. More »


Jim Dunn, Regional Sales Manager, Northeastern U.S.

Since starting with Riva, I have enjoyed selling technology solutions that actually advance customers’ capabilities while exceeding their goal expectations. More »



Upcoming events

Catch us at the following events. Be sure to stop by our booth to see Riva in action. We hope to see you there!

Salesforce World Tour: Munich Munich, Germany Jul 2
MWLUG 2015 Atlanta, USA Aug 19-21
Gartner Customer 360 Summit* San Diego, USA Sep 9-11
Heart of Business Tour: Minneapolis Minneapolis, USA Sep 9
Dreamforce 2015 San Francisco, USA Sep 15-18

* Note: Attendee only.

Photo gallery




Salesforce World Tour
New York, NY
June 16-18, 2015
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Heart of Business Tour
Chicago, IL
June 10, 2015
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Salesforce World Tour
June 25, 2015
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