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Riva has partnered with to deliver automated calendar synchronization between Salesforce Advisor Link and Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, IBM Notes, and the native calendar apps on iOS and Android mobile devices. By keeping student advisors’ calendars in sync, Riva scales advising impact, eliminates double data entry, and delivers a 360-degree view of students.

Scale advising impact with automated calendar synchronization

Student advisors in the Higher Ed community often have 500-700 students in their case load. This can make appointment scheduling quite a task, particularly if advisors are required to manually enter appointments across multiple applications and mobile devices.

Riva can help.

Riva is a leading data integration platform for CRMs and email systems. Higher Ed customers can now use Riva to sync calendar data between Advisor Link, Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, IBM Notes, and the native calendar apps on iOS and Android mobile devices. Riva automatically syncs calendar data on 5-minute sync intervals. Student advisors only need to enter data once.

Following is a list of calendar events that Riva syncs automatically:

  • Student appointments
  • Personal appointments
  • Meeting availability
  • Meeting cancellations
  • Recurring events
  • Multi-day events

Salesforce Advisor Link customers purchase Riva to scale advising impact, eliminate double data entry, and deliver a 360-degree view of students. We look forward to working with your university or college.

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