Online Appointment Scheduling

Do you have a single, unified view of all your calendar appointments?

Introducing a simpler, faster way to keep all of your calendars in sync

Large enterprises have complex calendaring requirements. First, there’s the number of calendars: email calendars, CRM calendars, mobile calendar apps, and resource calendars. Second, many leading brands are also investing in online appointment scheduling applications to simplify and automate the process of scheduling appointments (particularly when there are multiple people involved). These applications include TimeTrade, Microsoft FindTime, Doodle, Calendly, and others. Riva delivers a single, unified calendar view across all of your calendar applications and devices. This is critical for large banks, insurance companies, and professional services firms that rely heavily on appointments and meetings throughout the buyer’s journey.

How Riva improves customer service
and makes online appointment scheduling more effective

Increase productivity

Online appointment scheduling apps help companies generate more leads, reduce schedule-tag, and close business faster. Riva unifies all your calendars to ensure everyone’s availability is up to date and accurate.

Automate appointment sync

Whether appointments are scheduled in Office 365, Exchange/Outlook, Salesforce, mobile devices, or through online appointment scheduling apps, Riva automates calendar synchronization and ensures each team member’s availability is accurate.

Unified calendar view

There’s no more fumbling between calendar applications. No more apologies for double bookings. Get a single, integrated view of all your calendar appointments to deliver the responsiveness and customer delight your customers expect.

Optimize engagement

A major draw for online appointment scheduling apps is the ability to connect with customers at key stages in the buyer’s journey. If your sales or service teams wait an extra hour or day, it may be too late. The key to higher conversion rates is responsive customer service.

Omnichannel scheduling

Omnichannel scheduling helps leading brands deliver superb customer service. Riva connects your calendars across desktops, laptops, browsers, mobile devices, CRMs, and makes online appointment scheduling apps more effective.

Automate reminders

Never miss a meeting. Work through your day more efficiently and confidently with automated meeting reminders across all apps and devices.

Sync multiple invitees

Solve complex calendar sync scenarios such as tracking appointments across multiple invitees in your CRM and email systems. Provide full visibility in CRM of who attended meetings.

Highly scalable

Riva is trusted by over 1,000 companies globally, including several of the world’s largest banks, numerous Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies, and hundreds of SMBs. Sync hundreds, thousands, or millions of appointments with confidence.

Configurable rules

Benefit from Riva’s 10+ years’ experience tackling the most complex calendar sync requirements. Contact us to discuss your advanced sync requirements.

Join 1,000+ companies globally that rely on Riva every day to sync their CRM,
email system, and other business applications.

Appointment scheduling

  • TimeTrade
  • Microsoft FindTime
  • Microsoft Bookings
  • Doodle
  • Calendly
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Schedulicity
  • vCita
  • Thryv
  • AppointmentPlus
  • Booker Software
  • And others…


  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Sales Cloud
  • SAP Service Cloud
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Oracle Service Cloud
  • Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Sugar
  • NetSuite


  • Office 365
  • Exchange / Outlook
  • Google Calendar
  • HCL Verse
  • HCL Notes and Domino


  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Microsoft Surface
  • And others…
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