CRM integration for G Suite

NEW!  Sync G Suite to a dozen of the world’s leading CRM systems

Riva and Riva Enterprise now integrate G Suite with Salesforce, Dynamics 365 for Sales, SAP Sales Cloud (C/4HANA), Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CRM On Demand, Sugar, NetSuite, and other CRM systems.

Are you looking for a better way to sync your cloud or on-premise CRM system with G Suite and Gmail? We invite you to consider Riva.

Since 2008, Riva has specialized in CRM and email integration. We have developed packaged integrations for a dozen of the world’s best CRM systems and multiple corporate email systems – including G Suite and Gmail.

Riva seamlessly syncs CRM contacts, calendar events, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, and custom fields. Riva provides advanced configuration options in terms of how these items get synced. And Riva supports all G Suite and Gmail email clients, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Outlook for Windows and Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices.

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What Riva and Riva Enterprise sync between CRMs and G Suite and Gmail

Following is a helpful graphic that shows what Riva syncs between your CRM and G Suite and Gmail systems:

Why Riva CRM Integration?

Following are just some of the reasons why your team will love Riva:

  • Riva syncs CRM data reliably:  The most important thing CRM users expect of their G Suite and Gmail integration is reliability. And Riva excels in this area. Your team will benefit from over 10 years of integration experience plus everything we’ve learned by working with 1,000+ customers globally. (Our largest customer to date uses Riva to sync over 28,000 CRM users.) Riva’s underlying architecture, security, and advanced configuration options have matured and evolved to meet customers’ needs. Put that reliability and experience to work in your organization.
  • Riva supports all G Suite and Gmail clients:  If companies aren’t using Riva, what are the alternatives? The first is no integration at all. For some companies, CRM and G Suite and Gmail don’t talk to each other. They’re separate silos of information. This results in a lot of manual data entry, missed opportunities, and unreliable CRM data for teams. If your systems are integrated, chances are you’re using a Chrome plug-in. CRM plug-ins for Chrome can be pretty cool, but they can also be a pain to manage for larger teams, they may not be very reliable or flexible, and they only work in Chrome. Because Riva syncs server-side, we integrate the world’s best CRMs with ALL G Suite and Gmail clients (Gmail, Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail, virtual desktops, iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices.) And you can use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE and not have to install or manage any browser plug-ins or separate apps.
  • Riva syncs the CRM data you care about:  All right, so now you know that Riva’s Sync Engine works reliably and we support all G Suite and Gmail clients. The next thing you care about is the types of CRM data that Riva can sync. Does it just sync contacts? Just email? Or just calendar events? Riva syncs all this data and more. Riva seamlessly syncs CRM contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, and custom fields. Plus, Riva delivers advanced configuration options to control “how” this data gets synced. For example, Riva delivers one-way or two-way integration. Riva’s contact filters ensure that relevant contacts and leads get synced to your Gmail users and teams. Riva can log emails automatically and manually. And much more!
  • Riva improves CRM user adoption:  Two of the biggest challenges to CRM adoption are poor integration with critical systems (such as G Suite and Gmail) and too much manual data entry for CRM users. It’s this second point we’ll address now. By automatically syncing data (contacts, calendars, tasks, email) between G Suite and Gmail and CRM systems, Riva enables sales, support, and marketing staff to enter data once and access it anywhere. Plus, Riva delivers advanced email-to-opportunity and email-to-case features that save users time and reduce manual data entry. Imagine being able to drop an email into a folder (in Gmail or on your mobile device) and having that email automatically create a CRM opportunity or case. How much time would this one feature alone save your team in a week, month, and year? Riva improves CRM user adoption and saves your users time.
  • Riva delivers unmatched flexibility:  When you were hunting for the right CRM for your company, what did you look for? Reputation. (What did Gartner and other analysts have to say?) Ease of use. (Was the UI modern, was the system fast, could it scale, and was it welcoming to use?) And was it flexible? (Would it satisfy your needs today … and tomorrow?). Riva delivers unmatched flexibility. It’s quick to set up and configure. We are leaders in CRM and email integration. Riva is used by single-user environments right up to some of the largest corporations in the world (in terms of proven reliability and scalability). And Riva satisfies very basic and the most complex sync requirements.

Next Steps

If you and your team would like to see a Riva demo for G Suite and Gmail, we’d be happy to help. Likewise, we invite you to check out our new set of Riva screenshots for G Suite and Gmail.

We offer a free 15-day trial for our Riva and Riva Enterprise deployment options. If you decide to try Riva, we offer a free 1-hour set-up. (And we offer a low-cost 3-hour Get Started Bundle for Riva Enterprise.)

List prices range from $9.95/user/mth to $24.95/user/mth depending on the Riva edition you choose. We offer volume pricing for 30+ users. Riva is ideal for small, medium, and large enterprise G Suite and Gmail customers.

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Supported Systems

CRM systems

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SAP Sales Cloud (C/4HANA)
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Sugar
  • NetSuite

Gmail editions

  • Gmail
  • G Suite
  • Gmail for Mobile

Email clients

  • Gmail
  • Outlook for Windows
  • Outlook for Mac
  • Apple Mail
  • Outlook on Citrix
  • Outlook on Terminal Server
  • And others…

Mobile devices

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Microsoft Surface
  • And others…
Contact us to discuss your CRM and Gmail integration requirements and to schedule a Riva demo.
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