Riva delivers advanced, server-side integrations between the world’s best CRM systems and all leading corporate email collaboration systems. Deploy Riva or Riva Enterprise and take advantage of Riva Insight, our CRM side panel for Outlook, Office 365, and HCL Notes. Companies can use Riva for Developers to build connectors for their apps and the leverage our existing, pre-built CRM and email integrations.

Online Appointment Scheduling Applications

Supports all Email Applications and Mobile Devices

Riva syncs CRMs and other enterprise applications directly to Office 365, Exchange, G Suite and Gmail, and HCL Collaboration Solutions. This means that you can view and manage your CRM data from all email clients and mobile devices that are connected to your email account. View sample screenshots.
Note that Riva does not support POP3 or IMAP accounts.

Don’t see your CRM or email system listed?

Do you have your own in-house or proprietary system you would like to integrate with?
Learn more about syncing your system with a system Riva already supports using Riva for Developers.

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