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Advanced CRM side panel for Outlook and Notes

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive from customers. We invite you to review our FAQ. If you can’t find what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Getting Started

What is Riva Insight?

Riva Insight is our new Outlook and Notes side panel that puts customer data from CRM and other data sources at your fingertips.

How does Riva Insight provide value for customers?

Riva Insight, combined with our server-side sync platform, brings the best of both worlds – reliable, server-side CRM/email integration with the additional benefits of a server-managed Outlook/Notes sidebar panel.

Riva Insight provides immediate access to relevant CRM data and other data sources without having to manually search for the information in CRM.

Why did you create an Outlook and Notes plug-in?

We hear time and again from our large enterprise customers and SMB customers that “Riva just works.” That is very gratifying for us. It means we have delivered on our mandate to deliver the world’s best server-side synchronization platform for CRM and email systems.

With the introduction of Riva Insight, we can now address customer requests to get direct access and immediate visibility to relevant, “context-aware” CRM data without having to leave Outlook or Notes while avoiding the challenges and pitfalls that exist with current plug-in architectures.

While the Riva Sync Engine continues to provide reliable, server-side CRM data synchronization, Riva Insight manages connectivity to CRM and interactions with the Sync Engine, thereby removing all of the work from the Outlook or Notes Windows client.

When will Riva Insight be available?

Riva Insight is generally available.

Customer Profile

What is the average size of a Riva Insight customer?

Riva Insight can be used by organizations of all sizes.

What types of companies use Riva Insight?

Riva Insight is used by all industry sectors – from financial services, healthcare, real estate, and professional services to software and cloud companies. Basically any company that would benefit from having “context-aware” CRM data at their fingertips – without having to leave Outlook or Notes.

Supported Systems

What CRM systems do you support?

Riva Insight supports Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise customers using the following CRM systems (support for additional CRMs is on our future roadmap):

  • Salesforce
  • SugarCRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SAP C4C

What email applications do you support?

Riva Insight supports Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise running the following email applications:

  • Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 for Windows
  • Outlook for Mac
  • Outlook Web App using Office 365
  • HCL Notes 9, 8

Do you support Apple Mail (macOS)?

Riva Insight supports Outlook for Mac as long as customers are running Office 365 or Exchange. Unfortunately, from a plug-in architecture perspective, there are very limited options available for native integration with Apple Mail. This client does not have an API that can be extended similar to how we can extend the Windows Outlook environment.The Outlook Web App client provides full support for Mac Web App users.

For customers running Notes on Windows or Mac, there are no restrictions. Any platform that supports Notes will also support the Riva Insight Notes side panel.

Does Riva Insight support Terminal Services?

Yes, Riva Insight is fully compatible with Citrix, Terminal Services, and other virtualized desktop solutions. That’s because the Riva Insight plug-in does not need to communicate directly with the CRM. It only needs to communication with the Riva Sync Engine or the Riva Insight service.

How Riva Insight Works

Does Riva Insight sync like Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise?

Riva Insight syncs data in a slightly different way than Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise. A Riva Insight service displays the “server-managed” CRM information and other data in the Riva Insight sidebar panel in near real-time.

Riva Insight and the Riva Cloud / Riva On-Premise sync processes work together; however, they are independent.

What does Riva Insight sync?

Riva Insight provides context-aware CRM information – including CRM contact data, recent and upcoming interactions, related web links, related opportunities, and other information directly in your email client.

Riva Insight will enable users to relate and assign emails and appointments to specific CRM contacts, opportunities, cases, quotes, and custom objects. They can also log a call and immediately take notes that relate them in CRM against specific contacts, opportunities, cases, quotes, custom objects, and more. (Some of these features may not be available in the initial release.)

Does Riva Insight extend to third-party data enrichment providers?

Riva Insight will use the full flexibility of the Riva Integration platform, bringing users much more than just CRM-based data. Public feeds from third-party data sources will be used to augment CRM-based contact data to provide information on geographical, contextually aware elements like local time, temperature in a contact’s home city, local holidays and more. In addition, Riva Insight will provide direct access to contact and account information from social, public and third-party enrichment sources, all from a single side panel data view. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Do users have the ability to track appointments or emails and relate them to specific contacts, opportunities, and accounts?

Absolutely! With Riva Insight users can click on the “Track in CRM” button and select the contact or account or additional contacts or accounts to which the email can be related.

How will Riva Insight integrate with Microsoft Office 365?

Riva fully supports Microsoft Office 365 today from a server-side integration perspective. With Riva Insight, anyone using Microsoft Office 365 will have the Riva Insight side panel functionality. But instead of being in a Window’s client, it will be in a browser client. When users are reading an email, or looking to track something in CRM, they will have the ability to track the emails directly within the Web App client.

How is Riva Insight different from traditional plug-ins?

Outlook plug-ins are typically buggy and crash Outlook often. The number one reason why traditional Outlook plug-ins are so complicated is because client-side integration vendors are putting in a tremendous amount of complex information and trying to build enterprise-level synchronization products into a plug-in that’s running inside of an Outlook client built on technology that is decades old.

The advantage of Riva Insight is that there is no synchronization of data between the Outlook plug-in and CRM. This means there aren’t dozens of custom Windows forms being used. There is no need to login into CRM from the Outlook or Notes client. There is no configuration of the various synchronization options – all of which contribute to the numerous bugs and crashes that customers experience.

With the Riva Sync Engine providing the CRM data synchronization, the Riva Insight side panel for Outlook and Notes simply acts a gateway to provide access to CRM data. The Riva Sync Engine is responsible for doing all the heavy lifting and hard work of filtering and synchronizing CRM data directly to the email server, which, in turn, feeds the data to all of your Outlook or Notes clients (including Mac and mobile clients). When you deploy the Riva Insight service and plug-in, we can upgrade the service without having to touch any of the clients. With Riva Insight, the client itself is a very thin layer. The Riva Insight service is responsible for managing connectivity to CRM, interaction with the sync engine and data aggregation thereby removing all of this work from the Outlook or Notes Windows client.

Is Riva Insight compatible with all versions of Notes?

The plug-in architecture available with Notes has matured quite nicely and is available for all HCL Verse, Notes 9 and 8.5 clients. Those are the platforms supported by Riva and Riva Insight. If you have requirements prior to Notes 8.5, it’s possible that we might be able to release with version 8 at a future date.


Does the Riva Insight side panel obey all CRM security settings, including field-level security roles?

Yes, by default Riva Insight is configured to abide by either the field-level or record-level security role. If a user has access to some contacts but not others, only those contacts to which he has access will be made available to that user. However, there may be configurations where you want to present some of this information to different groups of users that may not have full access to this information in CRM. With Riva, we can either restrict data or split data up. We also have the ability to create custom filters. So, even though a user might have access to thousands of contacts in CRM, a custom filter can be applied to filter the information based on specific city, state or other geographical elements.


How much does Riva Insight cost?

Riva Insight pricing starts at $5.00 per user, per month billed monthly or annually based on current Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise subscription. Plus we offer volume and bundle pricing discounts as appropriate.

Visit the Riva Insight pricing page or contact us for more details.

Are there third-party enrichment services included in the Riva Insight side panel, or are these services a separate subscription?

Third-party data enrichment services are not included in the base Riva Insight side panel. These services can be connected through the Riva Insight side panel using API calls. If you have an existing subscription with one of the enrichment service providers, assuming your subscription allows for API call data retrieval, Riva can use the API calls to query that service and expose the information in the side panel. The Riva Insight side panel does not store this information. It acts as a gateway to allow you to view the relevant information. None of the information is being recorded, tracked or stored in the Riva Insight side panel.

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