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Customer intelligence in Outlook, Office 365, and IBM Notes

What is Riva Insight

Riva Insight delivers customer intelligence for customer-facing teams directly in Outlook Desktop, Outlook Mobile (iOS and Android), Outlook Web App, Office 365 / Outlook.com, and IBM Notes. If you are already a Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise customer, you can purchase Riva Insight as an optional add-on for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C), SugarCRM, and NetSuite.
Riva Insight Features

Diagram: In the diagram above, you see Riva Insight running in an Outlook email client. Riva Insight also supports Outlook, Office 365, and IBM Notes. Note that we are constantly adding new features and your UI may vary slightly from the one above.

Riva Insight Features

Riva addresses the need for sales, support, and marketing teams to be able to quickly access customer intelligence directly from Outlook, Office 365, and IBM Notes. Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise sync CRM data to the contacts, calendar, tasks, and email sections of your email client. Riva Insight puts relevant, context-aware customer intelligence right at your fingertips in the side panel window.

If you take a look at the graphic above, we’ve highlighted some of Riva Insight’s key features:

  • Email Tracking: Riva Insight’s Track and CRM* feature allows you to track emails against specific CRM contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, and custom objects. Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise deliver other advanced email (and email attachment) tracking capabilities.
  • CRM contact and account search: Riva Insight brings CRM search capabilities right into Outlook, Office 365, and IBM Notes. Search for CRM contacts and accounts and the related address, phone, and web site information from CRM will appear.
  • Quick links to CRM records: Riva Insight allows you to quickly open CRM records without any manual searching. That may not be immediately apparent from the screenshot, but everything is clickable. For example, you can click the company name and automatically open the related account in CRM.
  • Quick access to web data: Customers really like being able to click the buttons for Google Maps, Wikipedia, Google Search, Google News, Google Weather, and the company’s website. Where is this company located? How many employees do they have? What is their annual revenues? What is the weather like at their HQ today? Have they been in the news recently? With Riva Insight, answers to these questions are one click away.
  • Local time for contacts and accounts: Ever wished there was an easier way to schedule meetings with customers in different time zones? Riva Insight displays contacts’ local time.
  • Quick access to contact details: Riva Insight displays users’ contact details from CRM (office phone, home phone, cell, fax, and email addresses). This is pretty handy if you want to follow up on an email or an appointment with a quick phone call. If you click their email address, an email compose window in Outlook will automatically pop up.
  • View upcoming events and recent interactions: When was the last time you met with this person? Have you sent them any emails or quotes recently? Do you have any tasks associated with the contact? Riva displays all the upcoming events and recent interactions associated with each recipient of an email that you click and each calendar event with invitees.


Note that for some of these features to be available, you need to ensure that your CRM contains the appropriate account and contact information (address, phone numbers, email address, etc.) Riva Insight surfaces this information in the side panel window, which allows users to get things done much more quickly. It ties in directly with their customer follow-up workflow and gives them quick access to strategic insights that can help them personalize their email communications and phone follow-ups.

(* Note: Track in CRM is available for Outlook Desktop and Office 365 / Outlook.com. We are currently testing support or Outlook Mobile (iOS and Android) and Outlook Web App. Track in CRM is not available for IBM Notes.)

insideview-logo We are excited to offer InsideView integration to Riva customers who purchase Riva Insight (available for purchase as an optional add-in).

What happens when you click on an email or calendar appointment and some of the email recipients and calendar invitees are not in your CRM? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could quickly gather more market intelligence on the company? This is where InsideView integration for Riva Insight comes in really handy.

How InsideView for Riva Insight works:

  • Click the InsideView button in Riva Insight to display a list of company matches.
  • Select the correct company from the list to display its corporate revenues, staff count, address information, NAICS and SIC information, phone and fax numbers, and website address.
  • Next, click the “Contacts Found” link to display corporate contact details in InsideView (name, title, phone numbers, email address, education information, and social links (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).
  • While we currently offer a read-only view only of InsideView data, soon we will read-write capabilities for CRM.

Trustsphere-logo TrustSphere LinksWithin® integration for Riva Insight (available for purchase as an optional add-in). CRM systems are great for tracking customer and partner relationships. But, how can CRM users judge the strength of these relationships and connections with contacts within a company?

With LinksWithin integration for Riva Insight, you can instantly see a list of relationships that show you the strength of your and your team’s connections with key contacts with an existing customer or a prospect company. More importantly, if you don’t have a strong connection with a contact, you can quickly identify who on your team has the best relationship based on advanced relationship analytics from TrustSphere. LinksWithin for Riva Insight automatically displays relationship information directly within your Outlook, Office 365, or IBM Notes email clients.

Key benefits:

  • Leverage your organization’s network: With LinksWithin integration for Riva Insight, users and teams can quickly and accurately identify the best path to a prospect from within the company. This allows you to leverage your company’s collective social network and avoid having to ‘cold call’ prospects. Riva Insight automatically displays relationship information directly in Outlook, Office 365, and IBM Notes – providing immediate answers to relationship questions. LinksWithin for Riva Insight brings the power of relationship analytics to your desktop.
  • Establish trust and credibility more quickly: Lack of quality CRM data can leave your staff with a patchy view of interactions with customers. With LinksWithin for Riva Insight, you and your teams can service customers confidently knowing you can find complete view of others within your company who have information based on a stronger relationship with the customer. When approached by a new contact, you can instantly establish who else in your company already has a relationship with them.
  • Rapidly evaluate relationships: CRM systems promise to deliver a single customer view. However, that view is often hampered by not being able to immediately access relevant information. Lack of quality CRM data is often caused by sales teams that continue to operate in email and voice systems. How do you solve the challenge of data quality and disconnected systems? By leveraging Riva CRM Integration for data sync between your CRM and email systems and by taking advantage of LinksWithin for Riva Insight. Intelligent decision-making, powered by the complete set of Relationship Analytics from LinksWithin for Riva Insight, helps all of your team members deliver their “A” game. Users no longer have to leave their Outlook, Office 365, or IBM Notes clients to discover relevant contact and relationship information. LinksWithin for Riva Insight gives you the right answers, at the right time, to make the right decisions – from your desktop – based on the power of relationship analytics.

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Riva Insight for Outlook and Office 365

Riva Insight for IBM Notes

CRM Side Panel for IBM Lotus Notes

Riva Insight Benefits

  • Puts strategic, context-aware customer data at your fingertips
  • Saves users time and helps increase sales
  • Immediate access to strategic CRM and public data
  • Powerful complement to Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise
  • Leverages latest Microsoft Mail App technology (centrally managed)
  • Supports Outlook, Office 365, and IBM Notes

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