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About Riva

In an ever-changing world, future-looking businesses are investing in digital transformation to capture a 360-degree view of customer interactions to improve their growth, profitability, user satisfaction, and customer retention. Riva’s software solutions help companies gather, discover, analyze, relate and harmonize customer interaction data across multiple Salesforce (and other CRM) instances, email systems, business units, and geographies.

Riva’s data harmonization platform delivers value for customers’ technology investments by helping them fill data integration and synchronization gaps. Riva allows companies to better align business processes and data to improve Sales Ops, customer journeys, standard of care, client data privacy, and related compliance requirements.

Riva’s Headquarters and Centre of Excellence for Research, Innovation, and Development are located in Edmonton, Canada. Global coverage and support for Riva’s extended partner channel and customer base are provided through regional offices in Pictou, Nova Scotia; Silicon Valley; Munich; London; Paris; and Sydney.

Trusted every day by 1,000+ companies

Riva is trusted every day to harmonize data and provide customer engagement intelligence for over 1,000 businesses. Our customers include 50+ Fortune 500 companies, 15 of the world’s leading banks, and hundreds of fast-growing companies of all sizes from around the world. Riva scales to meet the data harmonization needs of some of the world’s largest and best-known brands.

As part of their digital transformation journey, companies trust Riva to surface the right data, to the right people, at the right time, on the right devices – and ensure the data is up to date.

Recent awards and recognition include:

If your organization is looking to accelerate business growth, enhance the quality of every customer engagement, conquer productivity challenges, and improve CRM adoption – all while keeping your customer data private and secure – Riva can help.

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Meet the Team

Aldo Zanoni



Michèle Dagneault



Stéphane Zanoni



Trevor Poapst

VP Marketing

Ken Lorenz

Vice President,
Global Sales

Jameson Van Dijk

Director of Operations
and Finance

Victoria George

Director of Client Success


Diana Powell

Human Resources Specialist


Our Values

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