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Why Riva

Riva Cloud delivers advanced, cloud integration of CRM contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, and custom objects. We also offer additional advanced configuration options to satisfy our customers’ custom sync requirements.

Sync CRM contacts and leads

Seamlessly sync CRM contacts, leads, and person accounts. One-way or two-way integration. Sync contacts based on filters, categories or any number of advanced options. Keep your business and personal contacts separate.

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Sync CRM calendars

Reliably sync appointments and meetings. Riva supports recurring events, multi-day events, private appointments, meetings with multiple invitees, custom event categories, notes, shared resource calendars, and more.

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Sync CRM tasks

Sync all tasks automatically or manually choose which tasks to sync. Mark a task as complete on your smartphone or tablet, and Riva will update the task in your CRM (and vice versa).

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Log emails to CRM

Log emails (and email attachments) against CRM contacts, accounts, opportunities, support cases, and custom objects. Use Riva SmartConvert folders to create new opportunities and cases from emails.

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Sync CRM opportunities

View a list of all your CRM opportunities on any Exchange, Office 365, or Notes email client or mobile device. Sort them by opportunity name, deal size, sales stage, next step, probability, and other fields. Click opportunities to view more details. Use the Riva ConnectBar to link to the opportunity in your CRM.

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Sync CRM cases

Improve CRM adoption and satisfaction in your sales organization through CRM support case integration for Exchange, Office 365, and Notes. View and manage cases. Link to CRM cases from any email client or mobile device.

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Sync CRM custom fields

Sync custom fields in CRM including contacts, calendar events, tasks, opportunities, cases, and other CRM records. One-way (read-only) or two-way integration.

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Sync CRM custom objects

Riva can be configured to sync custom CRM objects. Contact us to review your custom objects and how you would like them to be synchronized.

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Sync custom event categories

Sync custom event categories to simplify reporting on the number of phone calls, special meeting types, appointments, trade shows, webinars, and other events.

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Other Integration Features

Create CRM contacts

When you use Riva to log an email to your CRM, Riva can automatically create the associated CRM contacts and accounts if they don’t already exist in CRM. Sales reps (or assistants) can then go in and populate the rest of the CRM contact and account records.

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Create CRM opportunities
and cases

Sales reps can use Riva’s SmartCreate folders to create new opportunities and cases directly from their desktop, webmail, and mobile email application. This can be a powerful way to increase deal capture, and reduce manual data entry.

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Log emails to CRM records

Riva AssignTo folders enable sales, marketing, and support staff to log emails against CRM contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, and custom objects. This is very helpful if team members want to track the customer conversation on specific deals or support tickets.

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Advanced Riva Configuration Options

Following is a list of advanced configuration options that are available for Riva:

  1. Custom field mapping:  Map custom fields and standard fields between CRM and email systems.
  2. Custom contact filters:  Filter CRM contacts using custom logic.
  3. Matching resolution and connector accounts:  Customize the way Riva matches CRM contacts to CRM accounts (e.g., if no match is found, CRM contacts can be assigned to a “Collector Account”).
  4. Custom category mapping:  Map email system categories to custom fields in CRM (e.g., used for tracking certain CRM event types to improve reporting on these activities).
  5. Object filters:  Custom filters for CRM objects such as opportunities, cases, and custom objects.
  6. Custom is closed:  Customize the way Riva determines if an item is considered to be closed (e.g., used when the CRM is customized to change the way items are set as closed).
  7. Custom appointment subjects:  Sync CRM appointments with custom subjects (e.g., add CRM contact and account information to the subject).
  8. Duplicate prevention:  Prevent duplicate CRM contacts from being created.
  9. Token matching:  Relate items (emails, tasks, events) with CRM objects (opportunities, cases, projects and customer objects) using a token. The token is often a number such as a CRM opportunity or case number or ID.
  10. Privatization:  Change the way Riva determines whether items are marked as private (e.g., if an item includes the word “PRIVATE” in the appointment subject, Riva will treat the item as private.)
  11. Private notes:  Support synchronization of “private” contact notes (e.g., private notes can be synced to the CRM contact notes field and only be available to a particular user).
  12. Attendee management:  Change the way attendees are managed.
  13. Custom email to…:  Change the way Riva behaves when processing emails. For instance, set particular fields to a default value based on the folder that is selected.
  14. Hyperdescription:  Add CRM account and contact details to task and appointment bodies.
  15. Custom activity:  Sync custom CRM activity / event objects to the calendar in the email system.
  16. Send invitation for CRM-originating appointments:  Use Riva to send appointment invitations via your email system (instead of your CRM).
  17. Appointment filters:  Add a custom filter that controls which CRM appointments get synced to a user’s calendar in the email system.
  18. Custom object sync:  Sync custom objects and use Riva AssignTo and Riva SmartCreate folders and functionality.
  19. Object layout change:  Change the layout in the email system of the objects that Riva syncs (e.g., CRM opportunities and cases).
  20. Attendee matching filter:  Filter attendees so that attendees that meet certain conditions are not matched or created.
  21. Contact links:  Change the behavior of CRM contact links functionality in Outlook, Notes, and Gmail.
  22. Log emails to custom objects:  Log emails to custom CRM objects from the email system.
  23. Email privatization:  Skip email processing based on custom criteria.
  24. Custom attachment upload:  Allow Riva to upload attachments to an external cloud storage system rather than the CRM.
  25. Contact and lead creation:  Change the criteria Riva uses when creating CRM contacts and leads.
  26. Token opt-in:  Allow users to indicate they want CRM records (e.g., CRM contacts and appointments) to be synced by including a text-based token. Used in the place of categories on mobile devices.
  27. Riva for Developers:  Allow companies to use Riva for Developers to create custom connectors to integrate LOB applications with CRM and email systems.
  28. Task filter:  Include custom task filters.
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