Riva helps Attiva improve communications and grow powerful relationships

Attiva S.p.A. is a national distributor of consumer electronics, communication, and professional solutions. Attiva has a reputation of being flexible and quick to respond. A big part of why they have been able to develop long-lasting relationships with prestigious brands is their reliance on Riva to sync their Sugar with Microsoft Exchange.

DroneAfter implementing Sugar, Attiva’s sales managers quickly realized they needed an integration solution that would smoothly sync with Outlook.

Attiva realized they would need to provide a way for their customer-facing staff to continue communicating with customers in Outlook – the email system they lived in and communicated most effectively with customers – in an on-premise setting. They needed an efficient and seamless way to bridge the data integration gap between these two systems.

Riva solved Attiva’s data integration challenges by syncing SugarCRM directly to Microsoft Exchange. Riva runs seamlessly in the background and keeps calendars and contacts in sync, regardless of whether Outlook is open.

Since implementing Riva, Attiva has been able to significantly save time and streamline their sales operations by eliminating redundant data and communication entries, and the need to be toggling back and forth between SugarCRM and Outlook.

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