Riva helps Certior Financial and Health & Benefits Partners assist their clients in living their best life

Certior Financial Group and Health & Benefits Partners is the partnering of two companies; Certior Financial, a group of financial advisors who help people with investments, and Health and Benefits Partners, a health insurance brokerage that provides insurance for individuals, groups, and those over 65 years of age. Both companies believe in a personalized approach with their clients.

When Certior Financial and Health & Benefits Partners partnered in 2017, both businesses had been using their own instance of Salesforce and Office 365 as their email system.

Each Salesforce instance was structured for the unique product offerings each business sold. The two companies still needed the records, calendars, and tasks for the financial sector to stay in the finance-focused Salesforce instance, and the health and benefits records, calendar items, and tasks to remain in the health-related Salesforce instance. However, their joint support staff needed to see combined calendars for their personnel in order to schedule meetings on behalf of either business operation. Enter Riva.

“No other product was able to do what Riva can do,” noted Fred Weiner, Operations Manager at Certior Financial Group. “Without Riva we would not have been able to partner our organizations. Riva took the time to understand our problem, help us implement and test the solution, and move it into production. The product works seamlessly with our Office 365 and Salesforce implementations,” said Fred.

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