Use of CRM “edge” apps delivers over 4x the ROI of core CRM

According to a study by Nucleus Research, companies are increasing their investment in “edge” applications for their customer relationship management (CRM) implementations, and with good reason! Nucleus data shows that edge applications, like Riva, deliver 4.2 times the ROI of companies’ core CRM investment.

Nucleus Research LogoAs companies continue to invest in CRM technologies to drive greater productivity and increased revenues, CRM edge applications, like Riva, have a clear and direct impact on profitability – by increasing the top line and/or reducing operating expenses.

This impact, coupled with the relatively rapid time to deploy and low risk associated with cloud edge applications, give them significant ROI potential. Nucleus Research concludes that companies looking to gain more from their CRM investment should investigate their CRM vendor’s broader ecosystem of partners for edge solutions as a means to drive greater profitability and productivity.

In examining the relative ROI of CRM edge projects versus core ones, Nucleus found that there were a few key reasons why they delivered such significant ROI. Learn more by reading the full report.