Is your company customer-obsessed? 3 tips to improve your customer experience

In the Age of the Customer, companies who deliver customer delight consistently across all channels will differentiate themselves from their competition and win repeat business.

customer experienceHow is your business differentiating itself from the competition? Are you building a reputation for being customer-centric?

Getting your team and systems aligned can accelerate your success and mitigate competitive risk. If your organization needs to make some improvements, here are three things you can do today to begin creating a more customer-obsessed organization.

  1. Make customer delight core to your company’s mission

    Your employees are the first key to optimizing your customer experience. It starts during the hiring process. Make sure new hires share your vision for delivering exceptional customer experience.

    Your commitment to customer delight should be reinforced with your team at every opportunity. Do your employees know the importance your organization places on delivering a remarkable customer experience? Take advantage of every opportunity – including team meetings, employee gatherings, etc. – to celebrate great customer feedback and reinforce that their efforts are making a difference in how your customers view your business. The more you communicate your company’s core values, mission statement, and customer interaction successes, the closer you’ll be to creating a customer-centric organization.

  2. Deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences

    The second key to delivering an excellent customer experience is ensuring every customer-facing area of your company has the same, up-to-date customer data available. This allows your staff to deliver personalized and consistent interactions to your customers – regardless of what department they are interacting with. If your customer interactions are perceived as fragmented or disorganized, your business will suffer. CRM software can help with this. But many valuable customer interactions take place in your staff’s email inbox and these nuggets often don’t make it into your CRM.

    CRM and email integration software, like Riva, can help alleviate this “vacuum effect” and ensure that all of your staff’s vital customer interactions are available in CRM for the entire organization to see. This information is automatically synced to CRM without requiring any double data entry. This saves your company time and money and will help improve customer experience.

  3. Be authentic

    Every customer-facing employee in your organization should be committed to making a genuine, human connection and building authentic relationships with your customers. Customer connections can take place in many forms – including phone conversations, text chats, individual email communications, digital marketing communications, social media engagement, and more.

    Social media can be a great place to connect with your customers and build your brand loyalty because you are connecting with customers where they are most comfortable. Make an extra effort to engage regularly and answer any questions that are raised on social channels immediately. Doing so can go a long way in how customers and prospects perceive your company. Take the opportunity to really show your company’s personality!

At Riva, we are passionate about customer delight. It’s one of our core values that we live by and celebrate regularly. We achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate in 2017 and we’re constantly striving to improve. We are thrilled to be recognized for our efforts and commitment to customer success! We recently received a Canadian Business Excellence Award for the second year in a row. View all of our awards here.

Would you like to improve your customer experience? Contact us to learn how Riva can help or start your free trial today.

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