Join Riva at ICON UK 2018

ICON UK is a two-day event featuring 50 speakers from all over the world and 40 sessions covering all aspects of IBM Collaboration Solutions. This event is more than just a great learning and networking experience. As an active non-profit organization, they have raised over £9,000! Riva is thrilled to be taking part in ICON UK for the first time as a Gold Sponsor. We are also excited to present a showcase session at the event. We can’t wait to connect with IBM champions!

Are you looking for a reliable, server-side synchronization for IBM Notes, SmartCloud Notes and Verse? Do you have a complicated Domino-server-farm scenario? Many IBM Notes customers manage a complex IBM Collaboration Solution set up with nodes spread across many servers. Finding the right integration solution for your business is vital to increasing CRM user adoption and ensuring your IBM Notes platform is reliably integrated with your CRM system. Riva can help. Riva seamlessly integrates IBM Notes and Domino with the world’s leading CRM systems.

Solve complex integration challenges with Riva

Whether you are a current or prospective IBM customer, you won’t want to miss our showcase session at ICON UK. Riva team members Simon Paton and Pedro Climaco will review some of the complex integration scenarios IBM Notes customers can face when they integrate IBM Notes with their CRM system and how Riva can help alleviate those challenges.

Attendees will learn new ways to bridge their email and CRM system in order to increase CRM user adoption and minimize data entry and duplication. Our team will also review the benefits of Riva’s architecture – built from the ground up to seamlessly manage complex sync scenarios. They will also cover best practices and tips and tricks to help maximize your IBM Collaboration Solutions and CRM integration.

Riva showcase session: Solve complex integration scenarios with Riva

Date: Friday, 14 Sep
Time: 1:40 p.m.
Location: Room 2

How Riva delivers value for IBM customers

How Riva helps drive sales productivity and improve customer engagement for your customer-facing teams:

  • Syncs CRM contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, and custom objects
  • Offers full support for recurring events, email attachments, appointments with multiple invitees, and other advanced CRM sync requirements
  • Delivers secure system architecture with all the communication going through native NRPC (Notes Remote Procedure Call)
  • Surfaces actionable customer intelligence directly in IBM Notes
  • No IBM Notes plugins to install, configure, or manage on users’ desktops, laptops, or mobile devices

Riva helps organizations fend off competitive threats by delivering the most reliable, enterprise-grade CRM integration platform for IBM customers. Riva leverages the strength and flexibility of IBM Domino by exposing web services called by the Riva Connector, allowing for a highly distributed and scalable synchronization solution.

Partner with Riva

Riva is building a world-class partner program. Our global ecosystem of partners is able to leverage our platform to provide significant business value to their customers. If you’re an IBM partner interested in partnering with Riva, learn how to become a Riva partner.

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