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microphoneAre you looking to extend the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration? Listen to this informative 20 minute podcast hosted by Joel Lindstrom on CRM Audio. Joel is joined by Riva’s Ken Lorenz, who shares how companies can use Riva to not only extend their Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration but also empower their teams with customer relationship insights for users in Outlook or IBM Notes. This podcast was sponsored by CRMUG. Listen now »

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When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Outlook or Exchange integration, many customers are able to successfully use the out-of-the-box (OOTB) solutions offered by Microsoft. But sometimes, there are scenarios where the OOTB solution won’t do, and that’s where Riva can help.

Integration pains are very personal to the team here at Riva. Over a decade ago, Riva was born out of a need to seamlessly synchronize the CRM and email systems of our mother company, Omni Technology Solutions. Nothing on the market was flexible, secure, and reliable enough, so we created our own server-side, on-premise and cloud-based integration solutions.

Clumsy, out-dated technology

In today’s alway-on, mobile world, it’s no longer feasible to have to sit in front of your computer all day to access your CRM data. That’s why Riva offers Dynamics 365 CRM and Outlook and Exchange integration for mobile devices, laptops, and tablets that is reliable and flexible.

“There is nothing more frustrating as a salesperson or a sales team leader than asking your team to update information in CRM so everyone can see what’s going on in the organization and you have technology that is clumsy or doesn’t get the job done every time. An integration solution that only syncs some of the time doesn’t sync any of the time because people stop using it,” explains Ken Lorenz, Director of Sales and Alliances for the Americas, Riva.

Support for multiple versions of Dynamics 365 and Exchange

There are a number of reasons customers choose Riva to extend their Dynamics 365 CRM platform. In a perfect world, every company would be running the latest version of Dynamics 365 and Outlook or Exchange, but the reality is, that is not the case. Often times there are employees on various different versions of Exchange and even older versions of Dynamics 365.

This is a big issue when it comes to using plugins or OOTB solutions, but Riva was architected to be backwards compatible, so regardless of what versions of Exchange or Dynamics 365 CRM companies are using, Riva ensures you users get the same experience across all combinations.

Multiple CRM and email platforms

Riva also bridges the gap between Dynamics 365 CRM and email platforms outside of the Exchange platform. So, if a company is using Dynamics 365 CRM and Gmail for instance, they are still able to use Riva to integrate these platforms.

And the same goes for companies using different CRM platforms. Regardless of whether they have instances of Dynamics 365 CRM mixed with another leading CRM, all of the users get the same experience across the board with the ability to live in their email inbox – where they’re most comfortable.

Delegate tracking

Although Microsoft has been offering a form of delegate tracking with their sync solution, it doesn’t currently have the flexibility that Riva offers.

Delegate tracking is popular with industries like investment banking, private equity, and professional services, but with OOTB solutions, users hit a wall – whether it be a limit on what they can do or the frequency with which they can do it – causing frustration and inevitably, confusion and missed appointments.

There is the option as well, to have only executives with assistants using delegate tracking, while salespeople, who do not need it, don’t. Riva is incredibly flexible from a licensing and configuration perspective. Users can pick and choose who uses Riva and for what. If some of your team is good with the OOTB sync, but others need more features and flexibility, Riva can work within that environment.

Tracking of folders, objects, and opportunities

Riva offers folder tracking which will automatically give users all of the opportunities they need without manually going in the CRM and searching for them. There is no limit on the number of opportunities it can show.

“Riva offers different options for the way in which you configure any given instance. Folders can be reordered based on how recently it’s been touched in CRM – assuming if it’s being touched, it’s probably an opportunity they want to sync mail items and contacts with – and so on. We’ve made it as easy as we can for users,” explains Mr. Lorenz.

With Riva, there is unlimited flexibility to change your sync experience – from adding a new field to syncing contact names, to custom objects and modules – we extend the tracking experience. How? Say, for example your employees sent their driver’s license or social security numbers via email and those were synced to CRM. With Riva there is a way to fix that. We use pattern-matching technology that allows us to find those patterns and provide customers with the choice of redacting the necessary information from the email, but syncing the rest of the email, or just not syncing the email at all.

Customer intelligence

Riva is more than just an integration solution. Riva Insight (our optional add-on), from a Microsoft perspective, is a mail-dot app in the Outlook 2016 environment, it’s super lightweight with no installation required. If you are sitting in your email, there is a sidebar that updates automatically so you can see information about contacts from CRM with meetings you and others within your organization have had, as well as information from other data sources like Google Maps and Wikipedia. And it works in mobile applications on your phone – providing the same experience on your desktop, mobile device, and tablet.

Security compliant

The best part is that Riva helps you comply to any security restraints you may have, including GDPR. Riva doesn’t store any of the data we sync, all information is encrypted in transit and a log of pointers to where the record is in CRM is noted, but no information on contacts.

We provide a cloud-based solution, either multi-tenant or dedicated instance, as well as an on-premise option so customers meet any security requirements.

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