Learn how one CRM and Business Intelligence provider helps customers sell smarter with Riva

An award-winning UK-based provider of CRM and Business Intelligence tools discovered Riva to solve their internal integration challenges. They loved it so much, they leveraged the unique connector they developed to offer their customers a solution to remove the complexities of connecting their email systems with CRM and Business Intelligence tools.

iPadHaving struggled with integrating their custom CRM solution with Outlook, this company’s CEO was thrilled to discover Riva while attending a Salesforce event. Working closely with the Riva for Developers team, the company was able to successfully build a custom API that allowed them to leverage Riva’s sync engine to integrate data from their proprietary systems with CRMs and email systems that Riva supports. Now the company is able to sync calendars, contacts, and emails, with their proprietary systems.

After successfully rolling out the API to their internal teams and experiencing the seamless, easy integration, the company quickly decided to offer this powerful integration solution to their customers.

“Riva’s magic works physically, not visibly. Since it works so seamlessly, we get very few support requests from our customers. But the demand to add email integration among our customers continues to increase each month,” said the company’s IT and Project Manager.

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