CRM edge applications deliver exponential ROI

CRM implementations can often result in unplanned costs and a huge resource burden if not implemented with a proper plan in place and, of course, a solid plan to guarantee one of the most important success factors – CRM user adoption. These planning factors lead to a greater Return on Investment (ROI) for core CRM implementations.

A report from Nucleus Research identified and quantified the benefits to companies of CRM “edge” applications, like Riva. Notably, the report revealed CRM edge applications can deliver 4.2 times greater ROI than the core CRM investment itself, making edge applications critical components in the success of most CRM implementations.

The report advises companies to look at breadth and repeatability as the two key CRM edge application ROI factors to guide customer CRM investments. Breadth is the number of people or processes a project may touch. Repeatability is the frequency of touch.

Riva’s breadth and repeatability are two of its core advantages. Riva can be configured to process information from all CRM modules – including calendaring, address book/contacts, emails, tasks, opportunities, cases, contracts, projects, and custom objects (breadth).

With every organization and CRM implementation being unique, and business unit requirements within an organization being different, Riva’s flexibility saves time and money for CRM implementations across all industries, organizations, and business units. CRM edge applications like Riva help customers achieve significantly greater ROI.

Directly impacts sales momentum

CRM edge applications can directly improve sales and deal momentum. For example, Riva can save sales teams valuable time and effort by automating common CRM-related tasks, including:

  • Email archiving/tracking
  • Contact/account creation and updating
  • Calendar/event creation and updating (including custom event objects), across complex business rules
  • Opportunity creation and updating, across complex business rules
  • Custom Object creation and updating, across complex business rules
  • Surfacing client-related information, in context, from CRM and other information sources

By automating these functions, Riva decreases data entry time and increases client-facing time while improving time-to-deal closure.

Reduces human error

CRM edge applications can reduce human error and duplication of efforts. Riva helps reduce errors and double entry by:

  • Archiving emails to the correct account(s)/contact(s) in CRM
  • Avoiding typographical errors in contact creation in CRM
  • Avoiding typographical errors in email address population in CRM
  • Ensuring calendar events, including customer and recurring events, are not only correctly created, but correctly updated as changes occur
  • Facilitating accurate updating of opportunity, case, contract and custom object changes

Improving human errors not only saves valuable client-related time, it also improves CRM data quality and CRM user adoption and satisfaction.

Improves productivity

CRM edge applications can improve the productivity of expensive human resources, while leveraging the intelligence enabled through the software. Riva enables common processes to occur “automagically” without requiring user interaction. Riva can surface valuable customer and relationship intelligence to help sales teams better understand and build improved relationships with greater depth.

Riva includes the ability to surface information directly to your email clients and mobile devices related to:

  • CRM contacts/accounts
  • CRM recent interactions
  • CRM upcoming events (including custom events)
  • CRM opportunities
  • CRM cases
  • CRM custom objects
  • Public data feeds like Google News, Google Maps, Google Weather

Riva provides CRM and email data synchronization, automation, and customer and business intelligence. Riva is one of the key CRM edge applications that acts as a multiplier of your CRM ROI. Riva delivers exponential ROI from your CRM investment by increasing user satisfaction and adoption.

Interested in learning more about how Riva can provide a better ROI for your CRM implementation?  Contact us to schedule time with our Riva CRM edge ROI improvement specialists.

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