AgReliant uses Riva to help farmers feed the world

AgReliant Genetics helps North American farmers by providing the best quality, high-yielding corn, soybean, sorghum, and alfalfa seeds available. Providing exceptional service, creating consistent customer value, and meeting the unique needs of today and tomorrow’s farmers is critical to AgReliant’s success.

AgReliant Genetics uses a highly specialized implementation of Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) as their CRM system and Office 365 for email collaboration. When they made the move to Office 365 as their email platform, their calendar information, including on their iPad instances, was not always in sync, causing frustration with the users.

AgReliant needed to find another data integration solution quickly to be able to regain the ability of the sales force to see customer information in both Infor CRM and Office 365. It would have taken far too long and cost too much money to write a custom solution, so they reached out to their IT partner who suggested Riva.

“Riva now successfully and reliably syncs our calendars between Office 365 and our CRM system. This integration is critical to our business. Riva enables us to meet our mission of providing an excellent customer experience. The Riva team collaborated with our IT and CRM teams to ensure our implementation of Riva was smooth, completed on time, and with no issues. We greatly appreciate the service, support, and value that Riva provided – and continues to provide,” said Steve Thompson, AgReliant Genetics CIO.

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