Riva Insight announces integration for TrustSphere LinksWithin to allow visualization of connections based on relationship strength – directly in your email client

Riva continues to expand our value added for users by increasing our utilization options. Riva Insight, our CRM email side panel for Outlook and IBM Notes, now integrates with TrustSphere’s newly launched LinksWithin, a powerful search and relationship analytics intelligence solution.

LinksWithin utilizes TrustSphere’s unique Relationship Analytics platform to distinguish between simple contacts in your CRM and email systems and meaningful connections based on relevant and actual business communications and relationships.

TrustSphere’s proprietary platform is completely automated. It integrates seamlessly with your email system to draw data from logs, never accessing content, as privacy and confidentiality are always respected. The resulting insights are overlaid onto the CRM to illustrate employees’ internal and external supplier/client relationships.

LinksWithin allows employees to navigate the internal collective email and CRM social networks to better identify colleagues who can introduce them to prospective clients outside of the company, based on the measurement of the strength of the colleagues’ relationships with the target prospects.

Riva Insight allows sales, service, and marketing professionals to quickly access relevant contact and company information and relationships directly from their email client. Riva Insight users can now benefit from the power of LinksWithin relationship analytics to better leverage information from their CRM, email system, social networks and public data sources – without having to leave their email client.

“We’re excited to add TrustSphere’s LinksWithin solution to Riva Insight,” said Aldo Zanoni, CEO of Riva. “TrustSphere is a pioneer of next-generation Relationship Analytics and continues to drive much of the innovation in the industry. Riva CRM Integration and Riva Insight drive CRM user satisfaction, adoption and ROI. Riva Insight with LinksWithin takes relevancy and Relationship Analytics to the next level. Adding relationship trust, context and relevance releases the power of previously invisible analytic data and insights. Customer-facing employees can now focus on taking relationships with customers to the next level.”

“Less than 10% of a customer’s activity makes it into the company’s CRM. Sales teams often find the CRM cumbersome and they would rather be communicating with customers,” explains Manish Goel, CEO TrustSphere. “TrustSphere Relationship Analytics completes the missing picture, while Riva Insight with LinksWithin transforms sales prospecting to empower sales and commercial teams to improve efficiency in driving revenue.”

About Riva

Riva is a leading integration platform for CRM and email systems. Riva integrates Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C), SugarCRM, NetSuite, and other leading cloud and on-premises CRM systems with Office 365, Exchange, G Suite and Gmail, IBM Notes, and GroupWise. Over 1,500 companies globally – including numerous Fortune 500 companies, 15 of the largest financial institutions, and hundreds of SMBs – use Riva to reliably sync CRM contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, custom objects, and other data.

About TrustSphere

TrustSphere is a recognized market leader in Relationship Analytics, having pioneered a next-generation approach to analyzing both internal and external communication flows across an organization, and then synthesizing these to provide actionable insights. Clients who implement TrustSphere improve visibility and collaboration amongst customer and account teams. Improved collaboration leads to an increase in performance and productivity across multiple lines of business. Insights gained by using Relationship Analytics have a direct impact on both customer experience and business performance.

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